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Acrylic artYasmin Casaca

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My art can be all about bright powerful colors, interesting shapes and artistical details as well as it can be about neutral nuances, black and white with a touch of golden sparkles, or simply minimal lines and mixed media like sand, woods and other materials.


Acrylic Art by Yasmin Casaca

This is the place online where I want to share to you my passion for the art.

My art takes its own form, expressions and its own path when I, barefoot and joyful, reaching for the brushers and the colors in my mini art-studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Here you will find, mainly, acrylic paintings in all kind of sizes, colors and emotions. I hope to spread the art all around Sweden and hopefully also in to Your beautiful home.

Enjoy your visit here at Wild & Simple Design, and remember to step by my brand new Webshop!

Much love,
Yasmin Casaca


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