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Who is the founder and the artist of Wild & Simple Design?
Yasmin Casaca is both the founder and the artist. Read more about her here!

When did Wild & Simple Design started?
– It started the year 2014 but had a pause for a few years. At 2020 Yasmin, the foudner, re-launched it and updated the approach, branding and products.

What is the purpose of Wild & Simple Design?
– The purpose is to share the art and creations of Yasmin Casaca, and with a hope that it will inspire you. The webshop is up running so that you can buy a piece (or more) of the art that Yasmin is creating and selling.

What material are used in the art?
Paintings & Art:  I am using mostly acrylic paint combined with other items and material such as for example fabric, sand, beads, stones etc, in the paintings. When you click on each painting or art you will found a description of what it contains. The canvas is mostly made of cotton or linen.
Jewelry: I am using and/or re-using different materials on the jewelry and the art. Some of the materials we use is for example: Glass pearls/beads, freshwater pearls, plastic beads, metal wire, rope, elastic, stones, shells and other materials. When you click on each jewelry you will found a description of what it contains. Note that some material is of unknown material.

Where do you get all the material from?
– I get it from different countries and places around the world; Mostly from Portugal, Sweden, Norway, and Greece. The material is bought, received, founded and created to a unique item.

To which countries do Wild & Simple Design sell and ship to?
– For the moment we are only selling and shipping within Sweden.

In which valuta do you sell in?
– In Swedish krona (SEK).

Will you sell to other countries later on?
– Yes, that is the plan but for now it is only within Sweden.

How do I buy a piece/product?
– You have two ways to buy the products:
1. The easiest way is to buy your product via the webshop. There you will be able to buy them via, for example, PayPal. If you have any troubles to pay via PayPal, please contact me via mail .
2. You can also make your request/order directly via the mail , by writing the name of the painting you wish to buy, including your full name, delivery address, phone-number and email-address, and I will send you an invoice via mail (via Billogram).

What is the cost for shipping the products (the paintings)?
– We are using flat rate of ten (10) percent of the total cost of the order, but a maximum cost of 500sek/order.

If you didnĀ“t get answer to your question, you can also visit our Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, or contact us via email:

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