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About the Artist


I am Yasmin Casaca, a passionate artist, entrepreneur and speaker, and the founder of Wild & Simple Design.

The love for art started early; As a 4 year-old girl, I used to sneak in a flashlight, pens and paper under the blanket in the bed when my mother told me to go to sleep, so I could keep painting until I fell asleep with the pens in my hand.

I just could not stop paint and create!

Since then I´ve always had a deep desire, passion and love for being creative, and when I got older I could paint for hours and hours, forgetting to eat lunch and dinner.

In higschool I choose the direction of art at Fässbergsgymnasiet in Gothenburg for more than a year and later in my life I also took an education of photography in Stockholm.

For me, the art in different forms is my life!

I see everything in colors, shapes and patterns, and I am feeling blessed to have the ability to pay attention to details – all of this makes me feel like I am able to enjoy the beauty of life in deeper levels.

It is when I can use my creativity where I am feeling the most alive and almost enlightened.


Naturally, I am bringing all of this – all of me – in to everything I am doing in life and career. That is why I am enjoying the processes and the results in my own created businesses.

Such as, for example, my recently launched female community and network – The She City, my previous company Visio Business (as a businesscoach and a motivational speaker) as well as the previous business network Beyond The Limits and, of course, the most current – Wild & Simple Design.

I am a multi-passionate woman and I want to make sure that I am doing everything my heart and soul want to do in this life I have on this earth. And that, I want to share to you.

Today I am living south of Stockholm together with my husband and our 3 year old son.

I absolutely love being in the nature – deep in the forest or close to the ocean. One dream of mine is to have a beach-house in Portugal, where my husband is from, and another own designed house in the middle of the forest, far away from the city-noise, up in the wilderness in north of Sweden, where I originally comes from.

I love good vegetarian food and red wine, great coffee and yummie pastel de nata and, of course, nice homemade cakes. To dance, laugh and inspire people in different ways – both with leadership and to motivate them to believe in themselves – is what I love to do. And as long as I can, I will always try to maximize every single piece of this life.

Life is now. Live it!

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